all for metal gods fometal
all for metal gods fometal

ALL FOR METAL “Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon)”

Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon), the upcoming second album from ALL FOR METAL, is scheduled for release on August 23rd, 2024, via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). This album pays homage to the Japanese year 2024, known as the “Year Of The Dragon.” Expect thundering instrumental passages and catchy choruses that will take you soaring through the skies.

Building on the success of their debut album, Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon) embarks on a bold sonic and thematic journey. Transporting listeners to the mystical land of Japan, rich in culture and tradition, the band skillfully incorporates Japanese myths and legends into their music. The dragon, a symbol deeply rooted in Asian culture, serves as a central theme representing the band’s musical growth and storytelling prowess.

Each track explores different facets of these captivating myths, from epic battles to serene landscapes. Vocalist Antonio expresses the band’s excitement for this release, stating, “Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon) is where we make our mark in the metal world, promising a heavier rock experience than ever before!”

Following a successful tour with LORDI and CRIMSON VEIL, ALL FOR METAL is gearing up for electrifying performances at various festivals across Europe, including Kilkim Žaibu in Lithuania, Leyendas del Rock in Spain, and Rock Castle in the Czech Republic. The band has also sold out their exclusive All For Metal Cruise in Hamburg, Germany.

In the fall, catch ALL FOR METAL at the Monster Festival in Germany, Full Metal Holiday in Spain, and the No Sleep After X-mas Festival in Germany. Additionally, the band will embark on a Japanese tour with TWILIGHT FORCE later in the year.

Don’t miss out on Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon) – an album that solidifies ALL FOR METAL as a dominant force in the metal scene.

ALL FOR METAL tour dates:

  • 21.-23.06. LT Ukmergė – Kilkim Žaibu
  • 07.08. ES Villena – Leyendas del Rock
  • 15.-17.08. CZ Moravský Krumlov – Rock Castle
  • 16.-18.08. CH Cudrefin (VD) – Rock The Lakes
  • 22.-24.08. Haddeby – Baltic Open Air
  • 23.08. Hamburg – All For Metal Cruise SOLD OUT
  • 24.08. Hamburg – All For Metal Cruise
  • 04.-05.10. Geiselwind – Monster Festival
  • 14.-21.10. ES Mallorca – Full Metal Holiday SOLD OUT
  • 28.-29.12. Runkel – No Sleep After X-mas Festival

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