cavalera conspiracys schizophrenia album cover
cavalera conspiracys schizophrenia album cover

Cavalera Releases Re-Recorded "Schizophrenia" with New Single "Nightmares of Delirium"

cavalera conspiracys schizophrenia album cover
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The legendary Cavalera brothers are back with a re-recorded version of their classic album “Schizophrenia,” featuring a brand-new single, “Nightmares of Delirium.” This release, the final piece in their trilogy of reimagined early works, captures the raw power and intensity that has made Cavalera a staple in extreme metal.

In 2023, Max and Iggor Cavalera revisited their seminal albums “Morbid Visions” and “Bestial Devastation,” re-recording them with fresh energy and an updated sound. Now, they’ve brought “Schizophrenia” into the modern era, blending its original ferocity with contemporary production.

Max Cavalera says, “Schizophrenia has been locked away in a mental asylum for nearly 37 years. I’m proud to bring it into the future with a modern sound without losing its old-school mentality.” The re-recorded album includes a new bonus track, “Nightmares of Delirium,” featuring lyrics by Max’s son, Igor Amadeus Cavalera.

Iggor Cavalera adds, ?Hello headbangers? can’t wait for you all to hear our re-recorded version of Schizophrenia. It?s a labour of sweat and love? see you in the pit.?

You can purchase “Schizophrenia” here and watch the visualizer for “Nightmares of Delirium”:

For this project, the Cavalera brothers teamed up with Travis Stone (Pig Destroyer) on lead guitar and Igor Amadeus Cavalera on bass, crafting a lineup that delivers the album’s signature heavy sound. The album was recorded between April 15 and June 5, 2023, at Focusrite Room in Mesa, Arizona, with Arthur Rizk handling mixing and mastering.

The album’s iconic cover has also been reimagined, featuring hand-painted watercolours by Eliran Kantor, bringing a fresh look to a fan favourite.

Cavalera is also hitting the road for their “Third World Trilogy” tour across Europe and the UK. Get your tickets here.

Cavalera Conspiracy Live Dates:

  • 24.06.2024 – Poznan, Poland – Tama
  • 25.06.2024 – Bochum, Germany – Matrix
  • 27.06.2024 – Malmo, Sweden – Plan B
  • 28.06.2024 – Gothenburg, Sweden – Pustervik
  • 29.06.2024 – Oslo, Norway – Tons Of Rock Festival
  • 02.07.2024 – Lyon, France – La’Rayonne
  • 03.07.2024 – Pamplona, Spain – Totem
  • 04.07.2024 – Madrid, Spain – Le Sala
  • 05.07.2024 – Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona Rock Fest
  • 06.07.2024 – Marseille, France – Julien
  • 07.07.2024 – Vicenza, Italy – Metal Park Festival
  • 09.07.2024 – Kranj, Slovenia – Subart Open Air
  • 10.07.2024 – Pula, Croatia – Open Air Klub Kotac
  • 11.07.2024 – Dornbirn, Austria – Conrad Sohm
  • 12.07.2024 – Dunaujvaros, Hungary – Rockmaraton Festival
  • 13.07.2024 – Vizovice, Czech Republic – Masters Of Rock
  • 14.07.2024 – Novi Sad, Serbia – Exit Festival
  • 15.07.2024 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Maimunarnika
  • 18.07.2024 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Electric Castle

With this reimagined release, “Schizophrenia” stands alongside Cavalera?s greatest works, proving why they are legends in the metal world. Max and Iggor have resurrected an album that has long been hidden away, ready to unleash its fury on a new generation.

Cavalera Conspiracy is:

  • Max Cavalera | Vocals, Guitar
  • Iggor Cavalera | Drums, Percussion
  • Igor Amadeus Cavalera | Bass
  • Travis Stone | Lead Guitar

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