Heriot at the Electric Ballroom, London

We were invited to cover the concert of the English band Heriot at the Electric Ballroom in London. They opened the show, together with the American band Holy Fawn, for the also English band Rolo Tomassi.

Heriot already arrived at the stage making it clear that they came to use the most of their time exploding our ears with a heavy sound, with crushing bass lines, intense vocals, and shades of orange and red in the lighting, representing well the band's identity.

The band's songs are like a runaway truck, loaded and destroying everything in its path, but still carrying simple but emotionally charged lyrics. It is very difficult to define the band's style, varying between progressive, sludge, experimental and hardcore.

All the members interacted a lot with the stage and the music, giving a special life to the show, which was clear that even with some technical problems with the house sound, the band always managed to recover and interact with the public and returned to the heavy music soon after.

I couldn't imagine a better band to open the show tonight, and it also becomes even clearer that the band has a bright future ahead of them, starting with their first tour as headliners in England, and soon conquering even more of the world.


Heriot's New Single: Demure

Also check out the video below for the new single the band released recently: Demure