Punk Night in London: The Casualties at The Underworld

On the night of November 30, 2022, punks gathered again in full force in Candem, an area historically filled with punks in the 60s and 70s in London. This time they gathered for the concert of the band The Casualties, celebrating 30 years of their career. Punks of all ages and styles were there, from those with spiky hair to people coming out of work in social clothes, and of course Zombie Punk was also there, punk known here in the local scene (and Brazilian too).

Severed Heads

The first band to open the show was a group of Brazilians living in London, the Severed Heads.

Counting on a punk clearly inspired by the 80's crossover punk from the Brazilian scene, the band already started with a porradaria sound, while the audience was arriving and starting to prepare for what would be a scenario of chaos and many mosh pits.


Next is the local band, Blatoidea came in to continue, bringing songs from their latest work, and an even more energetic vibe, with the constant interaction of the audience by the singer Manu and the rest of the band always in a hectic pace as it was expected, and it was already visible the excitement of the public, starting to climb the stage, jump in the crowd and several rounds being formed.

Midwich Cukoos

Stepping out of the men's club a bit, the English band Midwich Cuckoos The band's guitarist Leslie, who also jumped into the crowd in the middle of one of the songs. With heavy riffs and solos as well, guitarist Patch came down from the stage to interact with the audience, driving them even more insane. The band also had a brief participation of The Casualties' vocalist during some songs.

The Casualties

And for those who thought the audience would be tired by now, the entrance of the lead singer of The CasualtiesDavid Rodriguez woke everyone up again, creating an instantaneous wheel in the center of the audience and singing classic songs of the band, such as 1312 ACAB, practically a punk anthem nowadays. And as expected from the band, not only did they play a frenetic amount of songs, but David threw himself into the audience and organized a wall of death with him in the middle while singing. Definitely The Underworld was having trouble keeping warm, with so many sweaty people, even in the London winter. It was a concert to remember, and for sure it was a beautiful reunion of Brazilian and London punks in one place.

Photos by: @cacei.ro