Bury Tomorrow: Tuska Festival 2024

Bury Tomorrow stole the show once again at TUSKA, just as they did at last year’s Helsinki Metal Festival. Their electrifying performance left no one indifferent, especially not me?a photographer tasked with capturing their relentless energy in the dimly lit Radio City tent stage. Despite the challenge of their constant movement on stage (excluding the drummer, of course), I managed to snap some of my best shots yet, far surpassing last year’s efforts.

What stood out most was the incredible interaction between Bury Tomorrow and the audience. The band’s non-stop motion seemed to invigorate the crowd, igniting a wave of crowd surfing that turned into a highway of ecstatic fans and a swirling maelstrom of circle pits. It was a photographer’s dream to capture such raw energy and enthusiasm.

As the show reached its peak, I received a tip that the oldest audience member of the entire festival might be in the front rows. Determined to document this unique moment, I waited for a perfect photo opportunity and hoped to exchange a quick word with her. Unfortunately, time slipped away, and I had to rush to the main stage for the final performance of the day before I could make my approach.

Bury Tomorrow, formed in Southampton, England in 2006, has carved a niche in the metalcore scene with their melodic yet heavy sound. Their music resonates with themes of inner turmoil, personal growth, and the human experience, drawing a devoted following through relentless touring and a string of acclaimed albums. Their presence at TUSKA reaffirmed their reputation for delivering electrifying live performances, cementing their status as a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore genre.

Bury Tomorrow's Setlist at Tuska Festival 2024

Venue: Suvilahti, Helsinki

  • The Seventh Sun
  • Abandon Us
  • Begin Again
  • Black Flame
  • Earthbound
  • Boltcutter
  • Villain Arc
  • LIFE (Paradise Denied)
  • Man on Fire
  • Cannibal
  • Choke
  • DEATH (Ever Colder)

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Artists: Bury Tomorrow