Hanabie at Lisboa ao Vivo, Lisbon 2024

Emerging from Tokyo, HANABIE., the latest sensation in Japanese metal has been electrifying audiences worldwide with their dynamic sound and live performances. This year, their European tour included a stop at LAV – Lisboa ao Vivo on June 25th, making their debut in Portugal.

Although it was an unusual day for a concert, the crowd, in a blend of black and colourful attire, was enthusiastic to see HANABIE. The evening began with a high-energy performance by the Portuguese band ALBERT FISH, led by In Menezes, who sang with the audience from the security barrier most of the songs. By the time HANABIE. took the stage, the excitement in the Lisbon venue was at its peak.

As all four members ? Vo. Yukina, Gt./Vo. Matsuri, Ba./Cho. Hettsu, Dr. Chika ?stepped onto the stage, the crowd instantly erupted. They presented themselves one by one, waving a Portuguese flag at the end. They kicked off with the powerful single ?BUKKOWASU!!,? filling the venue. Their setlist included ?NEET GAME?, ?REIWA Matching Generation,? ?GIRL?S TALK,? and ?We love sweets,? showcasing their mix of screamed vocals and catchy choruses, revealing their unpredictable and endlessly entertaining musical style with great contrast. 

HANABIE. offered an energetic performance with great control and engagement with the crowd, even though their drummer was injured and had to cancel some shows before Portugal. Their unrestrained personality was evident as they communicated in both English and Portuguese mentioning local favorites like pastéis de nata and Sporting Clube Portugal and drinking Super Bock beer.

Their ?HARAJUKU CORE? style, combining cute Y2K fashion with powerful metal music, was as infectious as their energy on stage. Their music left a strong impression throughout the venue. After some screaming, the band came back for the encore, closing the show with great energy. Throughout the performance, the four young Japanese musicians were determined to have fun and entertain not only their fanbase but everyone in the audience, which was ecstatic, and even newcomers to their music were impressed.

HANABIE. is a must-see act, offering great music, vibrant energy, and exceptional crowd engagement. The night concluded with the band saying their goodbyes, and expressing their gratitude with many ?obrigado.?  and ?arigato?. 

Hanabie Setlist

Venue: Lisboa Ao Vivo Sala 2, Lisbon

  • Bukkowasu!!
  • Kotoshi koso Gal~Shoka ver.~
  • ghost mania
  • L.C.G
  • Ware Amatou
  • Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu.
  • Encore:
  • O?TA?KU Lovely Densetsu

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