Lost Society: Tuska Festival 2024

I navigated through the TUSKA KVLT stage swiftly, drawn towards the grandeur of the main stage after learning of Bad Omens’ recent cancellations, including their much-anticipated TUSKA performance. A rapid reshuffle by the festival organisers summoned Lost Society, a spirited thrash metal outfit hailing from Jyvkylä, Finland. Despite their local prominence, I was eager to see how they’d fare on such a significant platform.

Lost Society, formed in 2010, quickly garnered attention with their modern interpretation of classic thrash metal. Their music is a tempest of aggressive riffs, lightning-fast drumming, and commanding vocals that resonate with themes of rebellion, societal challenges, and personal strife. 

Having witnessed Lost Society’s electrifying performances on multiple occasions in recent years, I was curious to see how they would command the largest stage I’d ever seen them on. Their ability to energise and captivate audiences with their relentless vigour and melodic intensity has earned them acclaim not only in their native Finland but also on the international stage, solidifying their status as a formidable presence in contemporary thrash metal.

Lost Society's Setlist at Tuska Festival 2024

Venue: Suvilahti, Helsinki

  • No Absolution
  • Riot
  • Blood on Your Hands
  • 112
  • Nonbeliever
  • I Am the Antidote
  • What Have I Done
  • Into Eternity
  • KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
  • N.W.L.
  • Awake
  • Stitches

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Artists: Lost Society