MJB Best Metal and Rock albums released in February 2022

And today we start a new monthly chart on this humble podcast. We're going to talk about the best albums of the year from month to month, and since we're all wrong we start with February, the albums that pleased or surprised us the most, hopefully the tips will please and this month we'll be back with the best of March.

Automatic Episode Transcript:

00:01 Welcome to meteu jacob, that if this time we are going to bring a new picture, we are going to talk about the releases of the previous month. But as it is obvious, we have arranged a delayed day, so that we can already start in February so that you January, right? Well, as said, we will try to talk a little bit about the CDs that came out last month. We are going to discuss our conflicts. I don't know if we will criticize anyone this time. And as we are without guests,

00:31 it will be just me and andrezão. A quick chat and Andra who is this, guys? We are there, aren't we? Someone has to work, it is not honest, it is not, everyone is on vacation, right? Enjoying the summer in Brazil, right? Everybody for parcela is wrong, it is us who are here in the cold, although now Lisbon, man, was invaded by a Sand. It's like Morocco is a very small desert for a 100 rain. It is standard that this rain will have only one day of summer.

01:01 Well, but come on, let's stop winding up, that you start by saying that you were one of the 3 highlights of this month of February. Man, Daniel, I'll tell you, you see, man? It is if the pandemic brought something positive, yes, we can say that is. Which is the quality of the albums, right? Since the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, it was fucked up, 2021 was fucking fucked up. In 2022 it already started promising. Amazing stuff like that, right, man? I, I, we highlighted some of them, right? I'll start by talking.

01:32 From an album that I really liked. I had from love, I made a band that I particularly like and that released on February 11th, man, their 13th album. 13th called halo is the Mano, basically a bigger did is one, is one, is a band that doesn't know how to make mistakes. Options had no margin for error from them, it's minimal. It's a function, it's one of those examples of bands that age very well and live an incredible phase. Like this,

02:02 on the last albums, it's not man, it's not just the halo. What the fuck since Queen of time, which is Oo predecessor, right? From 2018? Yeah, and they're in a really good creative moment, although so, let's be honest. This new album doesn't offer anything new. Yeah, and it's good that it doesn't offer anything new, because you'll hear it, love, I did what exactly, it's what we, since they already got us used to it, right? It's a band that has already changed a lot in the course of its career, so keep up the quality

02:32 and it's a fucking album, man. I don't know if you like it, you usually don't like anything. No, I like different things, but man, I did the most. I have a problem that it is a band that I found much better live than recorded. And then I got a little lazy, but then I got a little lazy with the CDs, didn't I? So, the CD is the one you mentioned more of the same, which is not a problem, because the last two CDs were very good. I thought it was a little heavier than the last one. No

03:02 I know if it is my impression, but it is, it seems that it is with a little more rev focused on this in the deficit even. EEA battery I also think is a little bit heavier, but otherwise I don't know that for me. It's the same thing, it's not going to be in your top 10 with you. No, it's not going to get into my top 10, unfortunately. But I think most happily it never made it into my top 10 albums. So, k, I think that this one, this line of yours and I listen to it sometimes. With quite a bit, I listen to it quite a bit, until it's

03:32 I like the band better live than in the studio. Can this be taken as a compliment or not? Man, I'd rather do that than the other way around. Me too, man, I prefer 1000 times to see a band. What the fuck is fucking good live than to go to the show, pay a bunch of money. And trust me, man, I've had several cases like that. It is a test, a test is fucked up, but that's it, man, the biggest thing I did for you was what? What was it, the album, what else do I know, right? But tell her, tell her that the whole world

04:02 already knows who listens to the podcast, who is my friend, already knows that I am the boy, it was a boy. I have a cap, t-shirt, bag, sneakers, tattoo, all of them. That's the set and culta que vai pariu, it's not a boy. Gagno went back there, said, damn, we made the first CD, it shocked the world. We made the second one in a row, it was much better produced as a band. Let's do the third and fuck up every possible musical genre concept,

04:33 So let's put black metal, blues, gospel, funk, electronic, the whole damn thing. In other words, shock more. The industry uses it. So that to me, man, is a big one. Fuck him, which is like everybody hates, that they are black metal and he is doing black metal better than a lot of black metal bands. And, man. For me it's that thing. I was already expecting something different, because Stranger From was already a little bit more experimental. And then the guys told me

05:03 They release, like, totally experimental, like, you have startup, it's heavy, really heavy, so it starts. Damn. Almost in pure black metal pay, even so, kind of raw. E Street goes to Golden layer, which is like, it has a blues, that kind of atmospheric thing and then him singing with his voice which is like, I don't know, I think it talks like stop, but, like an AIDS tone of life is a bluesy thing like that. Minus, there it goes to AD machine of that gospel health voice of his. Isn't that mixing?

05:33 Yes, yes. Sensational guy. And then there's the 2 favorites for me, which is Marun's Drop, which is a pure, black metal, rum guy, and it was one of the first singles. It's not for me, it's kind of heavy as fuck, if, like, if I made a CD just in that style, I don't think the thunderstorms would have much of a problem is, and the other one is Fed Machine which she starts with this gospel. You said kind of several, slowly, then it goes to the metal, and then all of a sudden

06:03 starts, damn it, it would. And man, double pedal, his vocal always helps with the percussion too. And, man. Isn't it? It sucks that I don't praise, because. It's the whole album was good and they close with more. Or was it even that a. JBL be mine on j let's not decide or HHELOJMB everything, fuck. I won't remember now is, but it is jazz, metal and blues

06:33 which is jmb and the other is AHAHAHELS. I don't remember what it was anymore, but man, the guys killed total electronic music, Jesse, fuck it. I found you guys national and can you talk about it for 20 minutes? Yeah, not me. I, man, I think everything the guys do is great, it's also the same thing, utilization is from 33, so the guys released only fucked up albums. I thought this album was pretty daring.

07:04 So the thing about this mixture that he, he injected a lot more pop here too, isn't it? A very current, very modern pop, full of shit. If the songs you mentioned all agree, but my favorite? In fact, my favorite song of the year so far. It's Short Burns, I think it's fucking great, do you? It's really good lyrics, that irony, that sarcasm. The song itself, man, it's pop music, talking about church burning is wonderful, man, it's like, that's a slap in the face really,

07:34 right? And it's fucking awesome. So I thought it was fucked up, and for me it's the best album of the year so far. You see? It's not for me either, for fuck's sake? The one you mentioned I think is cool, because it starts out kind of pop, then it has some effects that remind me sometimes, and then it tops a demonic lyric. Man, people are turning around and cursing. He can't do it anymore, right? But it is a tone, the tone of the album is this, right? That's why I think this song is very representative, but pick one then

08:04 I think even for our public, because I've always been among the theses, I'm going to start singing from the rum rum rum, you can't make people sad, no.

08:47 After this little stoner, I'm going to give Andre one more chance to speak his second here, because mine is going to be the naked one again. Man, I will. I will talk about the hibria guys we interviewed here in the podcast. It is a band from Rio Grande do Sul. They play power metal, speed metal, prog metal, right? And they released on February 25th a metamorfose. Man, we are ahead of here from

09:17 a rebirth of the band, because it is a band that imagine, changed 4 of the 5 members, the evolution. And it is impressive the quality of the album Bom Gosto marks the debut of the vocalist Victor emeka, right, man, he is a monster. And the band knew how to deliver an exquisite work, like this, without running away from the band's identity. Not from the history the band has built and, at the same time, adding value to the identity of each new member. Right? For me it is one of the best albums of the band.

09:47 So, EE without a doubt, is one of the best national albums. Like this, in 2022. It is a great work of good taste, and I really enjoyed it, I know you didn't. Not really your thing, but it is a well produced, well done album. Month in Brazil, right? So this is worth the record. I don't know, it's not power metal, it's not mine, where I heard it, obviously, because we talked to them, not because this one, despite it, hasn't participated exactly to not be power metal from here. But man, I do like it,

10:18 It is not that for me, not for me, it is not that power metal that is there in the 80s. This I think already gets a lot of points for that, that it is a more creative thing, it sounds more creative, it is not modern, right? So I think that, for me, it has a lot of points. Power metal is a very traditionalist thing. And the guys have something more modern, a different approach. I'm going to say, like you, that the vocals are very good. Yeah, I think everybody is, no, the drums are also very good.

10:48 just show bel, play the fuck out of it. The guys managed to make a current, nervous line-up. I'd like to see it live. Who knows, maybe the guys will come here to Portugal, it would be great to see them, and the CD is out too. It was the end of the month, right? It was either the beginning of February or the end of the month, so there were people who almost missed it, maybe it would come out next month. Right? That's it. So, what now? So let's go, let's give, let's give, let's follow up here. If you like

11:18 more than one is a miracle, isn't it? You liked 2 things in the same month? I already think it is, it could be, it's a lot, isn't it, man? Worse than that, there are a lot of things I wanted to talk about that are everything. In January, this shit 7, 28 and so on, but it sucks, right? You can't cheat, you can say that it came out like a movie, right? It comes out later in theaters in Brazil than it does here, right? That we say that? But, man, I'm going from what I am a student that is also nothing unpredictable for me, right? O is a band that I have been taking for a long time,

11:48 I am and 500 wonderful, wonderful and expensive, kind of for me. OC ds is the same footprint as you talked about love? I did that the last 23 they are very consistent with came out now the very I forget the name vocalist himself now commented that the 3 albums have a connection in the part of how he wrote of their whole creation. What can you see? And I think every one of them too, like. They improved on what had already worked.

12:18 I think it's a kind of CD that could even be made into a horror movie as a total track in one thing, there are some songs from that beyond that were extremely atmospheric. It stays, and then, for the irony, they brought a jazz guy to sing along. They also had people from the pop band, which is Phoenix as well, to have a little bit of texture. It's not of difference in the band. And man, I find it extremely consistent, there wasn't a song that I said "what the fuck".

12:49 And even in comparison to what I was talking about the Senate, it's not saying anything. It doesn't have a sequence. Each CD is a CD, and each song is a song. I don't necessarily have a connection or the cult of Luna, it seems that from song 1 to song 9 there is a connection and it is visible by the lyrics, by the little story it tells and also by the rhythm, right? What do you think? Well pointed, man, it is first, we are in front of a band that is living its best moment.

13:19 It is the best phase of what I am talking about. In the end it is getting to you, it was the work very aware of what you want that you know exactly where you want to go. It is a succinct band, it is man, one of the most interesting metal bands I find nowadays, so, man, very cohesive, very precise, it is a band that does not let itself be accommodated, the guys are always experimenting, right? Even because they mix a lot of things, right? We are talking about post metal from the one Island to the fucking mix, which gives an identity to the band.

13:50 own for them. Absurd, isn't it? And man it is. I heard it, I was like, I was like, it's for me one of the best albums of the year. I think it's hard to get out of this list by the end of the year. But man, a hit like this, from a band that has been getting it right, just a fact, right? I think that for me it is not their best CD, because I really liked the collaboration they had with Julie Christmas. In the mariner of 2016.

14:20 Man, like her vocals with the weight of the band, I think she still wins, but she is already my second favorite CD in the body, easy Bruna. Yeah, I still don't know exactly if it is the best, but it is there, right? It is in the streetcar for me, for me it is very close, see? Me? It is also a band that we talked about, I really want to see live. Your mother's, my ass. I've never seen it either. I'm dying to see it too. But since I sent the one from the dictionary,

14:50 that you send and hibria or elbow in to play, let's not hear one, let's hear 11 and BRA in the face. Give me a moral here, okay? Band, Brazilian band. 100% quality isn't it? Come on, come on, come on, let's listen, you caught me by surprise here, but I can choose an album here, listen to the air, Craig, I think it's good for a moment like this, the good warcry. Good,

15:27 continues. Come back after these sounds. National steel, let's start the closings that the idea of these, even though they are short, just talk about 56 and 10. Then André closes this up. That's it. We ended up making a kind of top 5, didn't we.

15:57 Basically, something is that it had a lot of target, so I liked a lot of things. We could quote, here is the guy himself. I see a prison released, it was Bus, and in the beginning of February, there, on February 4th, and even a Def. Corde DF metal, a fucking record, the best of the band so far, I freaked Ham. And then we have the classic bands, right man? Saxon released the hell out of it. A lot of great times to come out. Their thing is it's not that sensational, man, it's accurate,

16:28 Nice reference. EE man, the bodies I'll be honest with you, man, I expected almost nothing like that. Sorry, it's already a band that I respect a lot, it's one of the pillars, but I had already let go like that, right man, and the real good thing is that they released a rock Billy see. February 25th and the 19th album, the Germans, packed for shit. That respecting guy is rock. The truth is that rock Billy see it captivates from start to finish, so it is an album that

16:58 marks Mick's drumming debut, right? Eternal motorhead drummer. But the spellbinding EEO album delivers real hits, doesn't it, man? It's not something too much fun, is it, and that just won't please the crusaders, who are still waiting for a new blackout, a new train thinking that the band is going to release an album with the 1980 sound, right, old man? Sit there, wait, cry and celebrate that a band that I discovered myself has not yet released a relevant album

17:29 at 70 years old, right? I think it sucks that they could already be sleeping. I could be right there, couldn't I? In the fields of Germany, taking their brief. There I'm just going to go. Also honorable mentions, there was the very dear current Taylor releasing a CD of covers. Look there, obvious, meso? It was, but it also opens up his solo projects, right? Claims one. He released a really cool CD. And one that has

17:59 That to speak also for what you said, of being a classic was emulation and na Palma dela. That the 2 released a CD in February, it's not a talk and it was an EP, wasn't it? It was not, OK, now put it on there as a CD, I don't know. Look, the record is not an album, it is a mini album. So, these are the ones that came in as soon as I cogitated and spoke, but no, no, no. They pass there the rule of talking about shit, it goes to better, it is worth it is OE, mule I think it is worth the quote because it is a very cool album, of course, also

18:30 Nothing new here. You don't find the gunpowder here, but it is a good album, it is worth listening to. I liked it, and then we almost forgot 2 of new metal, man, how come we are not talking about new metal on this one, on this podcast new metal is coming back, my God. Korn released the CD Henrique, what did you like about it? I didn't like it. So don't come, don't criticize me for a metal and rap? What is even older than January? And look, I prefer rap to the body.

19:00 But, man, that's where, in this case, it's reversed, because I'm the one who didn't think it was that different. I think that corning was much more into alternative rock than into meta itself. Yeah, I thought it was cool. Zinho, only once you liked it, no more. My method is like this, meta life, patience for me. Use this shit. So, what do we play the last decent song? Let's play some Scorpions, rock Billy, see if it's a hit, man. If we were still living in the radio era, this song would still be on the radio.

19:30 pump every day. Lyle say. Bring life. Maw Maw,

20:02 we come to the end. We will ask you in the Spotify polls, what was the album of February that you liked the most? Send us these indications that will help us also to listen and get to know a little more in case it is something different. I. If you don't like it, please let us know on our Instagram and we will see what we can do. Yeah, email the soft, email the loot there to the email that chaib and can't ever talk. It took a while, but that's not it.

20:33 Good evening. We are together. See you in March, see you in March, and to leave in the background the best song, that came out in January, because we don't know how to tell things anymore. Anitta Boys Don't Cry.