MJB Styles #5: Power Metal (Sword Metal) - origins, highlights and news

Today our noble knights will ride off in search of a lost kingdom ?. A kingdom where fantasy never dies and imagination is eternal? we are talking about nothing less than the great POWER METAL? raise your sword, grab your glass of mead, today there will be no stone unturned because the great and noble warriors will accompany you in this very crazy adventure through the lands of adventure! Come with us and see what this group was able to achieve, come now to the world of metal Swordfish!

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00:03 Well, welcome to the metal Junkbox, and today, my dears, is the day to bring back all the fantasy. It is today that your rusty sword will gain the shine given to it directly by Merlin. We are going to talk about nothing less than ur metal. No way, no way, no way,

00:34 not this. I'm holding on here go, go, keep going. That's all, it's the best episode. Well, speak up, my dears, I can already hear the sound of the tavern with the glasses toasting plim plim. How is it, my dear andresão, my God, today the boy is thrilled, like this, man, like his day has come, right? Let's talk about basement? Meta tá

01:04 only when those dogs that pee, when the owner arrives like that, detail that he is wearing like the guys from Manowar only there, how is it? Leather, of course, it is expensive, isn't it? Badger, my dear. Let it go. How are you, Daniels? I'm not sad to be on this podcast. Very sad, man. My dear audience, which I know you who are listening to me, agrees with me, that if Power metal was one of the most anticipated episodes here of metal. Jack box to all lovers of sword metal who are already

01:34 here they call themselves Bahian, their swords and singing like this. And everything, heh. Let's go, my dears, that today Power Metal time, I then look, there's nothing else I'm going to bring here a story that starts a long time ago, so it's like this, hold this one, here comes the story. One night, one knight. Everything. I'm sorry, but go on.

02:05 It was bad for a knight. Come on, no, no, I won't even start again, I will. I'll go on from here my dear, that power metal is love power metal is life, come on, that's it. So, the year is more or less the end of the 70's, a lot of things happening, man, the rock and the rev metal already with their faces and their nuances, then they got stronger, right? New Wave British American and that's it, we have a loose or yes. Yes, yes. E

02:36 there, what happens? Here we have our dear. Random Lord, I'll give him a name, but I'll tell you an old story that happened a long time ago. He went into a tavern, he just wanted to drink his beer, enjoy the night. Lo and behold, it was a dark night and there he was, see? Already playing some have metal, that good heavy metal, look at what? He looked at that fucking atmosphere, right? But he thought, well, something is missing in my life and this is what he sees. A man

03:06 there is sitting there in the corner, with a very responsible black cape, who calls out to him and asks, look, I wanted to show you something I want to show you, we can talk about it from the outside. Well, the guy who is not doing anything went with him. And amazingly enough, leaving the tavern there, that's not where there was a metal eating loose. The sound of people toasting glasses cannot any special effects. So, my dear Glauber, what's up? Well, it follows our dear weird lord, doesn't it? Who has no name

03:36 and he takes him to a Forest that is very close to the table, because he was in the small town, you know? And man, he starts to tell them something about metal, about life and rock, you know? And he says, look, I have a prophecy that is about to be fulfilled. It goes like this. Ravi metal deals with themes and has a very involving metal, but for a long time something has been lost. Man has forgotten his virtues, forgotten his origins, forgotten the fantasy.

04:07 Behold, then he says, you will be responsible for receiving the prophecy that I will tell you within the next few years. A new metal has to be born and so the brave one our brave lord, received the apologetic mission. To acknowledge was to misunderstand what power metal would be, my dears, is nothing more than he was already saying, than to go out into the world and take the word for it. That's what appears Merlin and all the other knights

04:37 All around there, all the fantasy, elves, fairies, gnomes, all of them looking down on our dear one who is going out to carry the word around the world, isn't he? And feel good, he went out to tell. He did all this little story to tell what he came out to tell. Heavy metal bands start to fizzle out the whole power metal scene so that power metal nothing else he was born with many influences. Talking about the father is always very difficult, isn't it? You know, this was the father. I can tell you later who it was,

05:07 if I can't tell you the father, but I can tell you who the godfather was, man, but so power metal came from what was basically like DIU. It was very important for power metal, because bands like Rainbow started to bring that fantasy I was saying. Iron Maiden itself, Judas Priest, in their heavy metal were very important to also put this question of fantasy. But the question, mainly of history, had already been lost. The bands dealt a lot with political themes, they dealt with many things, but what does power metal have to do with? What is interesting about it?

05:38 And that brings a lot of people too, isn't it, to talk mainly about great deeds and great things that we had in our world, right? Great conquests too. To talk a little about fantasy, right? There are a lot of bands that go that way, but also a lot of historical stuff, because a lot of power metal bands make a lot of mention of our history, mythology and several other things that make a lot of presence. Val, you know, medieval is very present, in our history there was, no, there still isn't a fucking thing and there is a lot of presence, so let's say that the world was divided into

06:08 2. So this noble knight of ours who received instructions here from the lord in cloak that when he turned around and he asked who are you? And he says like this, you won't know yet, but a key, not one, but 7 keys, fell to the ground. 7 keys reveal 7 realms of the most important, who was he? Maybe the kipper. You laugh at the 7 keys, but you misspoke, man, you had to speak in falsetto. Yeah, you don't know any better. I

06:38 I didn't ask that under lock and key. Exactly, and it did well in the United States, we have what? We also have power metal bands. For those who don't know and don't,. Power metal as we know it today, but you can't say that OA most loved and hated band at the same time like Manowar, contributed a lot to the power metal scene, because they are a heavy metal band, but they have a lot of influence than from mythology. Man, they bring mythology when they bring the issues of Victory, of

07:08 masculinity and the great achievements of men, right? From history, it is a manual. I brought that. We have bands like Savatage, which, for those who don't know, are American, it may not seem so, but Savatage, there in California, man, in California, Florida, that we go, olive, exactly wonderful, wonderful, that put many influences that came to be the foundation of what would become power metal in Europe. Man, you could say that power metal in Europe started there with

07:38 the great godfather that is what I have left for now. Why without this guy, man? Maybe power metal was not what power metal was. I'm talking about none other than the greatest destroyer whore is overpowering the world of Power metal, man, cai Hansen, who managed to produce not only Halloween, but gamer ai, and several others followed OA cai school of producing Power metal bands. Man, that this guy is differentiated and when he rescued all that origin, right? All the

08:08 power of metal when the trumpets of Jericho sounded. What software? It is I am suffering, I do not use to say that someone told me to Power metal, there is no way the guy Power metal is pure fantasy, full of Ester Eggs man, it is too much. Yeah. It's funny that biblical subjects, biblical subjects are very important in power metal, which is one thing that power metal is different from the one we talked about, which was very much about death, a lot of things like that, other styles like black metal, power metal, even

08:39 A lot of people don't like it because they say it's too light, it's too cheerful and too happy, right? Because it deals with themes with. A lot of power metal bands have a lot of influence from biblical schools and a lot of classical music, right? Because there is a lot of influence of classical music in power metal, man, and that is one thing that differentiates it, right? Power metal can bring this later on? Power metal drank a lot from Speed metal, not only from King Metal, but it brought Speed metal into Power Metal and in this mixture created this style

09:09 unique, right? With their lyrics that are always striking, the lyrics will always have that vocal style. Which are a show apart, aren't they? And you can't say that many were also inspired at school. Bruce Dickinson, eh? The pressures of doing it. It is not that our dear Rob Halford is a great example for power metal, isn't it guy that he did, especially on the pink ler album, right? Which is a guy, the albums that he could have put there as a great booster for many bands, coming out of power metal?

09:39 Yes, but I will not stay here doing a monologue, I have already said a lot, but I think so. Power metal has these bases and then wonderful bands come along, and we will continue now, don't knock, I made this little simple story, just to bring it here, because power metal without fantasy is not power metal, my dear, it is, and since it is a knock, hit André. Please, take the sword and kill me before this episode, because just please, man, it is Daniel, he is here today to suffer, to suffer that is, but I know that he started listening to metal listening to power metal,

10:09 so it doesn't renege on its origins. At a cost in the spit isn't it? Man, I was just going to go back a little bit there. Michel, you talked about Rainbow and Gil very well, right, because for me, Oo, the embryo of power metal is undoubtedly Rainbow. It is mister jú. And we can't forget rich black dies. Yeah, man, it's a dude, it's that connection of theirs, of lyrics based on Renaissance, medieval, folk costumes. The fuck is dude, you

10:39 you can hear there what The King and stargazer are 2 ur, an absolute classic of Rainbow that is there, it has everything to do with power metal, man, everything, everything. We are talking about 10 years before, at least like this, then you have as you well say Iron Judas, another fundamental guy too, mainly in the solos, is wing malmsteen. Urun is the evil mixing. He is a guy who used to put all this stuff there, talking about fantasies, but with those solos

11:10 is not time-consuming and well-designed. Old Osos, right? It was, because who left the evil band? That was Yen. Johansson, perhaps one of the best power metal keyboardists that has been around for a long time and still plays, right? Several layers in the vein, right my dear, and this one? That's the thing man, that's the thing that power metal starts with all this junction and of course kansen. It is not Halloween, maybe it is the big name. Maybe not,

11:41 no doubt about it. I think he is the main guy. He isn't. Rock is, I said, he may not be the father, but he is the godfather. This is the greatest, he is Metallica, of power metal, right? He is the godfather, man, he is the big godfather of all these guys. I think that nobody goes to their father if not by the hands of Hanson, who has a very big influence in the scene, and I think it is something that I always say, right, as they always drank and these various functions? But it did. I even started the story jokingly,

12:11 Right? That he was a guy that was inside the num, in a little table of there being metal, because really, man, Oo Power comes from the ravi metal, right? Which was a very natural detachment from re metal, EE, which is often confused, even because it has a lot of things. It is just a very characteristic branch, of course, and it has its own identity, but it is part of it, man, it can be bands like Ronei wild. It has to be present also that they were also from the old days,

12:41 it's not from the 80's, is it, man? Even just before Halloween, the Grave Digger Raid. Exactly man, these bands are pillars, man, even OE. Super fica us dollar that also he has the have Power thrash footprint? Yes, yes, yes, and but it is more to show also the American footprint, you know, that The Americans also had their share of Power metal like camel, there are others. That is impressive how Power metal did not in the 90s. It was the world

13:11 of power metal is 85 to 90-something. Yes, it is, but it's right in the middle of the 90s that power metal bands started appearing everywhere, in Europe and Brazil. The United States didn't catch on, man. In the 90's, you can't tell me that 5 bands I don't have there that don't have this dragon and fantasy culture so strong. Yeah, I think Brazil doesn't have it either, man, it's a Brazil, it's a sucker for everybody you've always had, right? No? because in the United States, which at that time was very popular, there was a lot of support there.

13:42 It was the full, it was the end of the full, it was hard rock, it was Oo thrash, it was always very strong, they were things that were much more popular in the United States. In the 90s, Savatage itself. These other bands were there, but they weren't, they weren't what it used to be, even because, when I think about this kind of style, I don't go much to the United States. Although the camel I think he starts his, his, his walk from the 9095, I don't know to few bands, because then you have in the years o

14:12 For me the big boom of the 90's, indeed of power metal, is the 90's, man. Yeah, yeah, it's the because in the 80's of course, where everything is born, but in the 90's you really have the consolidation of bands like this, tô several or Repsol. Are you arctic? The same in Brazil. Here we are going to talk more about Brazil, right? But yes, yes, yes. André Edgar Bye Bye 90 more guilty 2000. But here it is already 2000, it is and later, but 2000 brings the consecration too, that is when Avantasia is born, man

14:42 wants, I think it is the consecration of power metal, man, because it brings all of them to participate together. Man, an Oscar, right? Yeah, it was, it is the Dream team, it is the Dream team of Power metal, methodical is real, tell me, so, how did you start seeing it? I know Daniel reneges. But he's doing it now, like a trans and he was there, right? There is no way. So, I think that this is the problem. Man, that's me. I'm starting to think that Halloween still has sentimental value, I agree,

15:12 not yet. No wonder we went to Madrid together, no it's not, I don't listen to it on a daily basis, I think the Sun, the last time I listened to it was before I went to the show to remember the songs. But man, it's Halloween was the main name of my childhood. Not the first, the first. You didn't fool me it was several. Or Angra, I don't remember which one, but it was one of the 2 and I liked it too. Obviously, it's not that little boy who came from classical music and I saw some little songs that sounded like classical music, yeah. So, like, man, I fucking liked it. At the time, I thought it was fucking great, it was a really good entrance,

15:43 There are some that even today I, I, I sometimes accompany just for fun, that we puçá, lipstick. What a guy, you know, that's me. I don't know how it fits into power metal, but it is power metal. They call themselves, but it is, but it is, it is. But it's just Bolsonaro's food. War themes, and for me, even more, the fact that the guys participated with baby metal without priva dictionary is that they are war fuckers. Award is already from they are the most farofeiros that are curasse how do you call this? In Portuguese it is precision, it is accuracy that you value most in telling your associations.

16:13 Everything else doesn't want me, right? The Ann Saturday beauty, Wolf there alert. For terrible, but they are, I find it amusing. For me, today not of that character, kind of comes. I think of symphonies that I used to hear a lot more prog, it's not in the water, but drink there is that I said OOO Power itself are 2, they are a little couple, little couple, we are always together, yes, they can walk, but like Dragon force too, that I find the keyboards infinite, it's expensive

16:43 smaller, I won't say because I can't. Blind Guardian is Power too. Blind Guardian is Power too. You don't talk about minor because you don't know any better, man. You don't know the minor, do you? I don't know terrible, and I don't want to, but Blind Guardian is Power too, isn't it? But, of course, it's not that it's not like me, I don't know, fuck, fuck, I don't know, like me, eur from the rings, from the streets of my dear, yeah, but they're a little bit better, I like them, they're English, right, and okay, so I think it's German, man, German, German, German, German, I swear.

17:13 They were English, you see how I know a lot about power metal, I'm just here to make volume. But, man, for me that was it. It was a lot of volume, but you 2 are the most volume even if it's a good thing that it's not video is, but the face this for meta, for me, is the type for me today, define old people who still believe in fairy tales. Sorry chaib. And it very much defines our audience as well, so I'm sorry for you guys that I'm seeing at this moment that it's these old guys that get laid, that I love, that love

17:43 talk, that metal no longer exists, because they think that all this space metal and sepultura in the 90s, no, no, man. I think that the power metal audience does not allow it, man. The power metal audience, right? Is it a guy in cosplay or is it what I am old? Am I wearing it or is it the guy in cosplay? I want no, man, me. I consider that my, my point of view, seeing my dear nerdy brothers there, man, I think that Power metal is very nerdy, Guy. It's very show. Who like, grew up the guy, the guy, the Power metal guy, a person that values music a lot, that guy that you already

18:13 The guys are there, they are looking at the guitar player, looking at everything, but that is what I said, it is a talent, what do you think? They only use to play the fretboard, that's how it appeared, not him that this, shirt there the guy I don't know what, but that's it. One day my friend j rocc is you go to a show, Edson, cold hare, chubby, cold, sweaty, right? Sweaty and cold, right? I think that the public is one, is one, is that public. Very loyal, man. I think it's a very loyal public, it's always there, but very,

18:44 very connected in the music and mainly, in the music, even in the instrumental part and everything. The vocals are always that, right? Very high vocals, right? Tenors? Always in that tone and that make a face, do what is EE different from the others. It is a style that nowadays, well, not for me it is not, Happiness is not the style that has high, right? Power metal is going through a moment. From 111, lightly comatose practically,

19:14 but the relou in there came and showed a great album. We have bands like Evergreen, bringing new things as well. The is, despite Evergreen, also has a very strong footprint in the show, in the show such, but Evergreen is also a great Power band that I could mention here. Angra has been trying to release new stuff too and has released some really good stuff. Edu isn't yes Edu talked about it either, who I am, who doesn't know we had a conversation with him about it, exactly, he released Vera Cruz there. Great album, man, it's amazing. Let's go one more story that connects

19:44 Brazil, wonderful Portugal, very worthwhile. Also. Check it out, say it's really good, man. We have things going on there, but no, not anymore. I think it was some. It was a style that when good, good, good, good, well, and there was a lot of this, Prado, I was not exploited, raped to the limit in cea Power metal band on every corner man, and they were very similar, right man, that's it, it was in Power metal, it is now seriously speaking, so I enjoy it for fuck's sake. For subway already enjoy more, but it is the affective side never, never

20:14 abandons us, doesn't it? It's affected side. No, sorry about that too. But I like everything like that, I really fucking do. Few bands that I don't really like are, I don't listen to that much anymore, but there are bands that really live in my heart. Halloween, RA range, extract several, sir, it wouldn't be that the control c control v of the substrate several because that is Tavares caught and said, ok, that's good, do it, but don't spare, I am still in the late Qaeda, besides others wrong, right? In the same country. I want to be from the same country, the 21 in one in which it hurts,

20:44 but, man, what is power metal talking about? Yeah, they are the most fucked up musicians, so you will talk like this, let's put a band together. Man, the guys who play the best guitars, the ones you study to have technically are the best musicians. Old man, it is fucked up to play power metal, I think it is. I think that is why a lot of people find it a bit pedantic, it is not boring that the guys are very tech, they are a lot, it is a lot of talent together, right? Because there is such a thing as prog metal, right? A lot of people say that, prog metal is a style of music that is made

21:14 for musicians, that is, musicians playing for other musicians, right? Yes, Power meter I already think is different, because it has much more melody, much more energy, right? It is easy to digest, I think it is fucking great, besides the vocals, man, what am I going to say about that kind of vocalist? Hansen is not Tobias Sammet, he is Michael. He wanted the conductor André Matos, man, you know? You, you are going straight into the group of the best vocalists we have seen here, stepping in here and

21:44 I find it impactful to old fuckers like Brazil. Becoming one of the poles like that, more earthy, more ferocious, it's not like a power metal band. Man, man, we live in shit, we have to create a fantasy world, right? Right? Wrong, you are not, man, that's a very good one. It was. I think that was the best contribution you have made to the program so far. Congratulations, congratulations about us. Can you quote? I use to talk a lot about this with Michel, that I insist a lot that I say that the Viper is one of the precursors

22:15 of Power metal. Man, it is what we read too, man, it is a path that the guys talked a lot about, but Mano will have, was doing a Power metal, not at the end of the 80's, also in Brazil, right, and that is a fucking band, then you have Angra right after that that became a reference, right man? Of course, the biggest metal band in Brazil. And André Matos, who is a guy who doesn?t Power anymore. Hurum. The icon is not the man, man, our great maestro, forever remembered forever respected man, created

22:45 not only Angra for that putting, was there in the creation of Viper. Angra, shaaman, the very André Matos virgo, which is a project that is not power metal, but it's a very good project, that if you confer participated in van tesa, man, it's like that. And simfonia, as well with the team came back. What a guy for wonderful contributions to the melodic metal scene. Like Angra, Angra has 11 cool stops there on the Angra channel.

23:16 What do you call the gaucho there, honey, Moita, Moita, Moita, not only is he a great guy, he does amazing work. Huck, he made some videos of Angra and its multiverse like the power metal bands go around Angra. It's fucking awesome. For those who haven't seen it, look there, the video is sensational. Then we have one overboard, the sea too. Exactly, man, Oo Walmart amazing Hungarian too. Amazing people came through the Oo hangar. We also got to bring one of the bands that I love, from Rio Grande

23:46 do Sul, which is hibria. Man, ibre is one of the best bass sounds in Brazil as well, on Power they put a lot, a lot, a lot of strength into it, mainly the bass, Yuri's vocal is something absurd, man, and he gets away from that vocal we are always used to, because he has aggressiveness. And he has all this stuff that I have well a Speed is not a mirror of a stroke, don't talk about Power, it's not very good, man. I think Oo Daniel would enjoy listening to Ibra, man. I think ibre is the one that draws attention, man, it should open, open a worst case scenario, it'll get my attention

24:16 to never hear it again, but I will try, no it is not, it is free, it runs away a little from him, he runs away, yes, yes, I think you will see it like that, nervous, I will give it a chance, a lot more heavy, heavy at times, I think you will enjoy it, man, try not to give it another chance. We talk about the line-up, it has fallen a lot lately, it is not fallen, it is no longer in its high state, it is not like that. But you still have amazing bands, we have reviewed bands from Argentina and Chile.

24:47 It is on Spain's Instagram. Spain also has Italy, so you still have several bands and there are 2 particularly that caught us here, it's not Michel Hurum, one is Capela, which is a band formed here in Lisbon only by Brazilian musicians. Luso Brazilians are all Brazilians living in Portugal, but they are all thick skinned guys, right, man? We are talking here about the guitar player. Andreza zer Mendes. He was part of Angra, played the

25:18 André Matos in his solo career. Exactly, you are talking about Jota here. Forte is our great darling there. Vocalist of the band Signum Regis is the before. Adam sings for a fuck, he is really, really connected. The amazing vocalist, man, you have Gabriel Carvalho from Terra, cousin on the bass, Fernando Castanha, who is the former drummer of a tribute band from Drama Filter. I know, but For Me a Memory plays for shit,

25:48 You have Pablo Romeu on the other guitar, you are a great band, man, you have just released your first LP, right man? It is the file Nations, I don't know if that is the name of the ipe, no, it is not outside World, you are not the file Nations, it is a single exactly, it is sensational, what is it called? OIP I believe it is high, if it is World outside World ever, that is it, man, for those who like power metal it is, it is a band that does not stay only in Power, it is and it goes

26:18 look for other Strands. But that's from what I've been hearing. So it's one of the best things I've heard recently. In recent times, the direction in this more melodic footprint, more power metal, EEA another band. The MEI regime is a fucking awesome band from Rio Grande do Sul, they also play this kind of raw power metal. They have just released OIP is MC's spiral my English didn't sigh, right? It is sensational, according to

26:48 EP of the band is expensive. Man, it is a fucking band, I am hallucinating with the guys, it is also an old school band, it was fast, an old school band, which has opened a world of shows for Paul di anno as well. Francisca sol on drums that already played with Paul di anno is a brave guys, guy Jonathan, husband that is a vocal care, there are 2 bands for those who enjoy for goal, the guy that makes all the sense to stop and listen. There are thousands of other navigator bands in Brazil that yes, man, it is light. Monte, don't ch me, there are

27:18 a Monte, there is aquarius, there is our, there is so much that I could put here, man, it is really, really worth listening to. Brazil has Power bands like that, melodic metal bands, which are incredible, incredible. We really have a very strong scene, man, very well, very well consolidated, that has had good success and continues to have success. Good bands that deserve people's attention you have no idea how good our scene is, but I can also bring here some contributions from around the world as well.

27:48 And that there is good stuff, Japan is not, since we speak and ja pow we love it. Ja pow, man the stage, gal neros o galneryus is a Japanese power metal band that is very worthwhile. Man, I really enjoy their sound. Boa versalles is another Power band, but they tell about Samurai, the turn of being a dragon and stuff like that, man, I don't speak Japanese, I don't go there the lyrics, so we pretend that it is, we pretend that it is man, but it is very good, man.

28:18 And you know, also Japanese, when it's like when you get people there it is too. Some are daughters of the Flag. Minutes, no, not very good, man, I love Japanese solo has OOA instrumental part in Japan they have a hell of a feeling. Actually, Japan to create drama to create a lot of things like that, of that kind is for the animes themselves. You can see that they really have a feeling for it. I think they use their own life theory, right? Their own life story, to put it in the works, in the scientific works, I, how could I tell us not

28:49 scientific, but fictitious was the word I wanted to use. Okay, man, we are going to put it here. For those who don't know, we have already forgotten, the guy I was talking about is not living a great moment, but we forgot that Sabotam is making a great success and besides, man. Power Wolf is maybe one of the bands that has surprised the scene in a very positive way and it is one of those that brings 11 power metal bands with different lyrics, which talks more about the church issue, more about the vampire issue,

29:19 werewolf and such, some more Eastern European tales. And that has been catching a lot of people as well. A Lemann band and the Power off has been a big redline in some festivals has been calling a lot of attention too. The Power Up has been growing a lot there and bringing joy to the guys. I couldn't fail to mention here the Italy, Italy, man, Italy, brings a lot of things and rescissory labirinth. I know that André loves it, right? The guy from majesty, elvin King,

29:49 also from Italy. Man, I don't know, from Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, from the masses, we have the biggest fall falconer. Only Sabaton himself on the side and level too. Big band the regret itself, like I said, man Finland, right? Land of nothing less, that treated several. Lady, I don't think it's heavenly sky cop, et al, right man? Brazil they use, right? As always already says, there is bullying, I also, which is a band that I will have to mention here again, is a band that I like very expensive is no longer

30:19 are no longer active, but it's a band. It's worth checking out, man. I would question now, what about Germany, right, which is Oo there too, my dear, a lot of good stuff came out, right man? There you have Blind Guardian, and there you have the very was not laughing, was the firm. You have a lot of stuff there, but Grave Digger is also from there, so yeah. There is a barn of bands from Edgar Edgar, Avantasia.

30:50 Does one have any Scottish bands in such a funny way? No? Power, no man, and Power don't have to have, but we have pink, halestorm, which is crazy, which doesn't talk about dragon, cause no, it's not that story talk about pirates man, and now it talks about everything. Actually, cachaça is in the beginning was they were man I don't know if they are could come in with the stick but no, don't let it no, it is not a folk anymore, right? We talk the other way, but yes, exactly, it's more folk, man. Yeah, we have our own

31:21 Greeks, fellow Greeks, Freedom Call Portugal. We have Oo what we have is that God is not the fantasy fantasy Opus, right? Face? Watch team, you would enter more with Raven? It wasn't metal, right? I think power right here in Portugal, fantasy Opus, big fantasy, Ops, a hug, paran tula, too, tarantula, exactly man is and among other small bands released around, United States, what I can tell you at this moment is camelot? We also have azula, the Dutch, the Dutch, right? We have the epic.

31:51 From Earth, Good Morning is already more than symphonic, love, but it's part of it too. It's too close, it's too hot, it's going to be a symphonic only episode that I hope I'm not. I can quit, make the tea and I'll lie down on the right of my letter that yours is the chai bio, key to the chip of the multiverse, another version of me and then I went is going to be a monologue, right? Please, talk, Camila, I'm about to do it like this, out with metal, poor thing, I don't like her very much, but she doesn't deserve this, dear people.

32:22 It's Blind, look, Blind Guardian os and that's it, that's it, the Passage stays there, we'll be here for 3 hours of chaib talking band Paul is like an evil solo, anyway. I think that's it, by the meter, it deserves it. He deserves the recognition, man, he brought Joy to many people. Are you sure that you made a lot of teenagers happy there? It grew up with a lot of people, especially those born between the late 80s and early 90s. They enjoyed very well the evolution of power metal to 70s as well. My friend, then you try,

32:52 Vi? Vi, of course, I wanted you to, who was born and 50 too, who was born in 2020-1000, right? So I don't know if it's also, I'm talking about the teenage states, right? Yeah, we are there, guys, it was cool, let's talk about power metal. I saw that Daniel was really into it, not today, but I'm drawing to try to abstract everything well, because otherwise I would have slept already. Me. I, while I was here, I received a message from the spiritual world, a fairy came to my side and said, but there is

33:22 knowledge, as always, man, you don't need absinthes before you never forget, no, no, man. For metal is mythology, it's life, it's songs with great incentives to Live The Life, enjoy honoring what they, great names in the marketing of our, of our history and very touched in the head and clear, they gave a kick to folk. You can't let me quote myself here. They gave, they kicked the ball to folk and also to

33:52 viking metal and that's it. That's it. I will keep criticizing for the rest of my life, but I can't deny that if I didn't, maybe I would be a pagodeiro or something else. If it wasn't the parameter, right? You have a face, it will happen. German's alemão do Cavaco is Oo play pagode every weekend here at the barbecue, let's finish with massacration then, right? But talk like this, the best power metal band in history is not this phaseada, be well with beautiful people.