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503 bad gateway - Blitz

Our musical journey will take us to the land of the rising sun, let's go to Japan! let's talk about 503 bad gateway!!!

For those of you who know me, you know that when it comes to music, we at Metal Junkbox have no boundaries, but I Michel personally have a great appreciation for Japanese bands, and I can name a few that I love, such as The Gazette, Dir en Grey, Gackt, X-Japan, Luna Sea, Asian kung-fu generation and others! However, now we are faced with yet another Japanese band, a band that we can call a one man band, because we have an artistic/creative brain behind the creations of 503 bad gateway!

The band's sound is very varied, with influences from Melodic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Glam and much more. It's important to say that with all these influences, I couldn't help but say that the band manages to put all the creativity and characteristics of the Japanese rock bands that I admire so much and for that reason I say, listen to 503 bad gateway!!!

The band has just released its latest single entitled Blitz, which is part of the POWER CODE album that is now available on the main digital platforms.


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