Aeveris - The Great Demise

When the band is good, the recommendation is double, isn't it? Well, then, why not call for our releases the Belgian band - Aeveris!

The band has already appeared here on MetalJunkbox, we presented another single for you, the incredible "White Elephant" and to our no surprise, here is another sound to recommend, this time "The Great Demise".

As said before, the band spares no effort to give excellent weight and energy to your day. Here there is that maxim of good sound is sound that doesn't let you sit still, and that is exactly what they do.

In "The Great Demise" the band sends another rock through the window, another song that makes you want to drop everything and get into the mosh, to enjoy it at the last volume and headbang. All I have to say is that if you don't feel this way, you are listening wrong!

Take this single and put this band once and for all on your list of promising newcomers!