Alessio Giacomi - Facing the Ropes

Let's travel to the land of the Arts, of the cuisine so acclaimed all over the world, for being the cradle of the Latin languages and of many other qualities! For obvious reasons we are talking about Italy! Let's talk about Alessio Giacomi!

Well here I can already say that just like his display photo, his sound is a true and powerful impact, a strong, intense and very deep impact! With a very well elaborated approach, Alessio Giacomi masterfully presents all his listeners with a creativity out of the standard, with a song that has beautiful guitar lines, a strong and aggressive vocal, a drums that accompany very well the work and electronic elements that bring a greater depth to the musical chaos created by the musician in his best definition of the word chaos!!! I recommend that you listen and get to know the works of this excellent musician!

Facing The Ropes, was the song that introduced me to Alessio's work, a very well crafted work, full of intense moments, heavy, well crafted and very well executed!!! I was extremely pleased with what I heard and nonetheless tried to listen to more songs to profile and write this review. My verdict is this, take a moment of your day and enjoy without restrictions all the songs already released, you will surely be very satisfied! Check it out: