AP Tobler - Solemn Farewell

Straight from the USA, we have here a musician known as AP Tobler!

For lovers of a good Alternative Rock, who knows very well where to get influences and create their own sound, which I can say, pleased me by the ability to have this dynamism in their compositions. It is important to point out that she already has several songs released on her Spotify account, which led to listening not only to the single but also to more songs that I can already say pleased me a lot! I will really keep AP Tobler on my radar for future releases ?

In her single Solemn Farewell, was the song that introduced me to her work, I must say it was a great calling card, where I could absorb the song in its fullness, lyrics, arrangement and melody, and I can say, I liked it a lot! So I recommend that you listen to not only the single but more songs by AP Tobler, I guarantee you will like it