CARDIAC - Art On The Street

And here we go on another adventure through the world of music, this time to Geneva, the French speaking part of Switzerland! And today we will present the band CARDIAC!

Let's start by saying that CARDIAC is a band that already counts with more than twenty years on the road, where they base their sound on the mixture of hardcore and metal with the special touch of having their lyrics in Spanish, something that is a great differential and very positive for the musical atmosphere of the band! Thus, the band has clearly created a cohesive and own identity, with all these predicates, I can only say that you should check it out to understand what we are recommending!!!

Arte En La Calle foi a canção da vez, logo no primeiro play já sentimos o sentimento de que se trata de uma canção cheia de energia, agressividade e atitude!! Para nós latinos, consegue ser ainda mais imersiva, com uma letra que trata de temas muito importantes e que consegue prender e muito bem a atenção do ouvinte!! Recomendado!!!