Chromatic Orb - The Battle For Nia-Koro

And we are off to the road, this time to Germany! Let's talk about a band known as Chromatic Orb!

We have here a band for lovers of a good tabletop RPG like D&D, those who like all this nerdy and fantasy-filled universe! If by any chance you identify yourself, I can say that Chromatic Orb will be a great band for your collection! Created over a RPG campaign that the band members use to play, the band uses all their game creativity and transforms it into music, having now the interest to deliver a concept album based on a RPG campaign, something that is genius!

The Battle For Nia-Koro is the first single available that has a great start for the band. With a proposal that involves elements of Heavy, Melodic and power metal, the band leaves nothing to be desired to other good bands of the genre and presents us with a great song that deserves your attention! Check it out: