Corbian - Hatred and Revenge

And here we go from MetalJunkbox, we have prepared a band that I am fully aware will please many fans of our channel, we are talking about Corbian!

A German band of the highest standard, we have here a band that knows how to make heavy sound influences of black metal, melodic death and extreme metal, they already impress in the first play! Vocal presence, fast drums, cadenced, very well harmonized with the rest of the set Guitar and bass.

But come on, today we will talk about the most recent single, Hatred and Revenge! a song that manages to put and very well several elements from the world of metal, from folk metal, black metal, melodic death and death metal. The weight is the guaranteed mark by the band, we have here all the elements that a great band needs, they know how to produce their sound and know how to put the necessary environment so that the sound is fucked up! and I need to say what a song my friends, what a song!

About the rest of the material, it only fulfilled what I already imagined, one more band that will be part of the sounds that I like to listen to, they are really to be congratulated for the quality played in their previous works, highlighting the albums Chapter II of 2022 and The Raven Cult of 2020, I guarantee that it will be worth every minute!