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Egons Cry - Phoenix

Today our musical journey will take us to Austria! We will talk about the band Egons Cry!

If you are an appreciator of a band that can put you in a state of "Full Power", those with strong influences of Post Grunge, groove metal and alternative metal, which are filled with excellent riffs, and moments capture attention for their beauty and execution, I can only say that you can not stop listening to this band! Surely you will have great moments listening to the songs that the band has in its musical collection, I just have to say listen to Egons Cry!

Phoenix, was the song that introduced us to the band. An authentic musical journey, full of feeling and intensity! It is important to say that the band has a vocal that perfectly matches the musical proposal of the band, a junction between vocal and instrumental that is worth gold! Therefore, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well produced song! ! We really have here a band to add to your library and check whenever possible its musical trajectory, Recommended at the highest level!


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