Empire Springs - The Luminescence

Let's talk about an American band that has captured our ears and eyes, we are talking about the band Empire Springs!

We have to point out that we are in front of a band that will quickly catch your attention, songs very well composed and produced, in a mix of calm, weight and musical immersion, a perfect combination to be transported through the music produced by the band.

The sound brings several elements of metal, from the most traditional to prog metal and everything modern that has been used by bands like Architects, Starset, Animal as leaders among others. It is important to make it clear that these bands can give an idea of the band's sound, however, it is important to say that they have a lot of personality and originality, both in style and in their songs.

More specifically about the songs, initially, we started by checking out a single that is homonymous to the album's name "The Luminescence", however, the single impacted me in such a positive way that I was forced to check out the album in its entirety, something that made me deeply happy, a decision more than right! Great songs and a lot of musical maturity, all this is present in this debut album that has everything to be an excellent kick start for everything that is yet to come!

Long life and keep making this sound of excellence, highly recommended!