Endrah - Madness

Today we are going to the second home of Metal Junkbox, today the musical journey will be to São Paulo, Brazil!!! Let's talk about the incredible band known as Endrah!!!

Here we have the perfect band for those looking for heaviness, aggression, brutality and a whole range of performances that will surprise you and deliver extremely intense songs!!! Endrah presents a lively sound that is influenced by Brutal Death Metal and Death Metal movements and many Crossover Thrash/Harcore influences. I strongly recommend that you listen to the band's songs and draw your own conclusions, because ours were very, very good!!! ?

Madness is a song that manages to incorporate all the band's musical influences and deliver new material that is heavy, creative, raw, intense and full of personality! A song that captivates on the first play and that was made to capture new listeners, so I say, don't waste time and listen right now, because I know you won't regret it, check it out!!!


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