everture band logo 2020 retouch 1605725731889
everture band logo 2020 retouch 1605725731889

Everture - Ashes of Today

Today our musical journey will take us to the country that revealed many bands, many of them being Power Metal bands, we are talking about Finland! Let's introduce the band Everture!

I'll start by saying what a powerhouse! Let's introduce a band that knows well the meaning of weight and aggressiveness! With a sound that has strong influences of Groove Metal, Death melodic and Metalcore, the band gives a lesson on how to deliver songs full of influences but with all the originality that we both seek in bands today. A delivery full of good moments, great songs and riffs that will stay in your head, be sure to check!

Ashes of Today is a song that has all the elements that drive any serious metal fan crazy! Full of aggression, heaviness and attitude, the song is a great moment to decompress and to throw out all the stored feelings, because listening to this song, you will just want to bang your head and feel all the nuances of the song!!! Check it out!!!


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