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Evolutionary Sleeper - Ethers Crown

Today we will travel to the island that is the cradle of Metal, of many histories and Influences around the world, we are talking about the United Kingdom! Let's talk about the Evolutionary Sleeper project!

I'll start by saying that if you happen to be looking for a good band, a band that knows very well how to convey its music through a lot of weight, aggression and attitude that, combined with its excellent Metalcore, brings a very unique reading and an original execution that deserves all the attention! well, I can say that Evolutionary Sleeper is the band that can surprise and convert yet another listener?

Ethers Crown is a song that delivers a load of musical adrenaline, with all its weight and all the attitude that the band employs, the song manages to captivate, demonstrate all the aggressiveness and make you want to bang your head! That's why I say, listen to Evolutionary Sleeper!


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