EXA - Dead Child Eyes

Ah Germany, land that never disappoints when the subject is Metal, especially when it comes to some styles and that's what EXA came to demonstrate!

Right from the first chords, riffs and notes, the most enthusiastic lovers can already get up from wherever they are to hear what this band proposes to do. With a very own way and well executed, the band brings the proposal of an excellent thrash metal, full of technique and fury worthy of the style that appears in their songs!

In Dead Child Eyes, the love is instantaneous, we have that first-rate execution of musical quality, a modern Thrash, heavy and very well produced, demonstrating that the style is always in search of new players and an increasingly interesting delivery! What we heard left us very satisfied and happy to see the scene being renewed day after day. We wait for more releases from the band and we will keep an eye out for the album as soon as it comes out (you can send it to us from Metaljunkbox that we will gladly evaluate it) Check out EXA!