Falquez - The Platypus

It is with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the world of music, where we will be going to the United States of America to talk about the Falquez!!! music project.

Here's an excellent band for metal lovers, with influences from alternative metal, shoegaze and alternative metal, full of attitude, aggression, intensity and heaviness! With a very modern and well-structured work, the band makes it clear that it has a lot of potential for growth and proven ability to deliver, check it out!!!

The Platypus is an incredible song, it manages to deliver all the modernity that we can find in bands like Deftones, but without losing its originality, without failing to make its personality explicit. In this song, the band demonstrate very well what they are capable of. With a balanced weight and melody, the band uses and abuses its ability to entertain and manages to do so in a unique way!!! Delivering a song that is modern, heavy, full of special elements and very well produced. Check it out!