Fortune Child - TEOTB

And we are off on the road, this time to the United States of America! Let's talk about a band known as Fortune Child!

Come on, before I even introduce the band, I will give you a Disclaimer !!! Fortune Child is no longer a newcomer to MJ, we already hosted our guest at another time and now we have another song to share with you ? So for those of you who won't read the band's introduction the first time, the band's introduction follows:

Here we can say that we have all the energy and ambiance of great bands from the 80s, with all the power of a good rock band with the energy of hard rock and other influences! Fortune Child delivers its reading of all these movements of the rock world with its very unique and characteristic sound, wrapped in excellent riffs, solos and good drum and vocal lines!

The band has just released its latest single, "TEOTB", which was released on November 10 and is now available on the main digital platforms.