Ghost Lights - Wendigo's Lair / Bad Vibes

Another trip down the Metal paths, this time we go to the Swiss highlands, more precisely to Lucerne, we are talking about Ghost Lights!

Some bands know how to put boldness in their sounds and this is amazing, others are born directly from the source of boldness and this is the case of the band today! Ghost Lights is an amazing combination between elements and distant styles, but when together, create a harmony and a unique energy! With a mix between Eletronic, Trap and Metal and metal core, we have a perfect combination for the formula of chaos creating genius, and we have that to spare!

Wendigo's Lair is a sound that manages to express very well all the complexity described above but in a very simple and particular way that only music is able to give life. Creating a song is not easy, creating one that gets out of the "standard" is even less so!

Bad Vibes, another single we got from the band, is really another good consecration of this mixture that is a bit unique but works very well! Good riffs, good beats and screams, a very good piece of work that is really very original and interesting.

For that reason, I say, I really liked what I heard and I strongly recommend you listen and draw your own conclusions!