Grandiose Muerte - Destino

Today we will go to a region that we haven't had so many opportunities to share bands from this country, this country known as Costa Rica that is home to the band Grandiosa Muerte!

Well if you are a lover of a good Death Metal, with Black influences, a lot of weight, aggressiveness and speed, I present Grandiosa Muerte!!!

The band is just beginning their journey, but I can tell they will go far! With everything we heard on the two singles released, it was possible to see the talent and how the band will lead their journey, keep an eye out!

At Single Destination, we got to know the band and more than that, we were very pleased with what we heard! All the weight employed, allied to the ability of the musicians, shows that this band will surprise many people, and if I were you, I would not fail to check it out!