Indigore - In The Gore

Let's go directly to Italy, because here we have a band that is worth spreading the word to our audience, we are talking about Indigore!

The most amazing part of working at Metaljunkbox is the ability to meet bands from all over the world, and with that, see how there are amazing bands that just need to be known by more people, this is the case of Indigore! A band that produces a sound that is very own, full of feeling and melody, great guitar work, a captivating vocal and a sound that in its most complete essence makes you travel in music, everything we want when listening to a good sound!

Initially the idea was to listen to a single, "Where Are We Now", single that captivated me very positively, which led me to seek more singles such as "Forgetten Falls" a beautiful song that features a great solo. That said, I went in search of more material from the band, and I found out that on September 23rd, we had the release of the album entitled "In The Gore", I must say, listen to the album, listen to the album! excellent songs, very well produced and very catchy, made me put in my albums to listen during the week, my congratulations, keep it up!