Invitro - In His Dirt

Today our musical journey will take us to one of the lands we at MetalJunkbox love so much, we are going to Sweden! We will talk about the band Invintro!

If you are a Grunge fan, with alternative rock influences, full of attitude, aggressiveness and weight, you can't miss this band! It is necessary to mention that the band has great riffs, all very well done and a vocal that really does justice to bands that carry the grunge flag! I just have to say, listen to Invitro!

In His Dirt, was the song that introduced us to the band. With a proposal full of attitude, weight and aggressiveness, the band can deliver an amazing song and very well produced! demonstrating this way, a great creative quality, a mark that they leave explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We really have here a band to leave on your radar and always check their musical trajectory, Recommended!


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