Jiff and the chosen mothers
Jiff and the chosen mothers

Jiff and the Choosey Mothers - Time To Get Paid

It's with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the musical world, where we'll be heading to the United States of America to talk about the band Jiff and the Choosey Mothers!!!

Here we have one of those bands that can take you on a musical journey, if you happen to be a fan of New Metal, with Groove Metal influences, that remind you of many bands from our adolescence, of the great American bands that know very well how to combine different influences and deliver a very unique sound, I recommend you listen to Jiff and the Choosey Mothers!

Time To Get Paid is a song that manages to transport the listener into the atmosphere created by the band, with a proposal to create a modern and very well-produced sound, the band gives a great demonstration of how to make the listener super interested and happy to have a good band in their player. Check them out!


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