Kevin Tiah - Voices

And here we go to Oceania! More precisely to Australia, because here we have a band that deserves to be mentioned, we are talking about Kevin Tiah.

I'll start by saying, stop what you are doing and pay special attention to this post, because I guarantee you won't regret it. The band managed to catch me and very well by their musical quality, by the quality of their recording, very well constructed and executed. With a sound that is mainly influenced by metalcore, genre that gives the tone of the band , however, with a very own stamp of the band's own identity.

Voices is a catchy, strong and heavy single, with clean and raspy vocals, excellent breakdowns, energetic riffs, and drums that marry very well with the atmosphere created in the song. This sound made me very excited about the band and I hope to hear more unreleased material coming from them. Live long and prosper!