Liat Dagan - Pale

Let's travel to the land that changed the course of Jewish/Christian history, let's go to Israel!!! We have to present this excellent band Liat Dagan!!!

Directly from a land known for many reasons, we also have a land that has brought to the world bands that we at Metaljunkbox cherish with great affection, such as Orphaned Land, Subterranean Masquerade and Scardust. Liat Dagan is undoubtedly another band to add to this list, which is growing considerably. With a very modern sound, with influences of Alternative Metal, Gothic Metal, and a lot of creativity, Musicista manages to deliver work of the highest level and that deserves your attention, don't waste time and check it out!

Pale was the song we heard to get to know the band, an extremely well-produced song, with weight that is appropriate to the vocals performed full of depth, feeling and intensity, a true demonstration of representation and creativity but with the originality that the musician wants to show, highly recommended!!!