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Lives Lost - NUMB THE PAIN

Hoje nossa jornada musical irá nos levar até os Estados Unidos da América! Iremos falar sobre a banda Lives Lost, quem acompanha os new releases do MetalJunkbox já conhece esta ótima banda.

I'll start by saying that if you're looking for a good band, a band that knows very well how to convey their music through a good dose of heaviness, aggression, feeling and attitude that, combined with their excellent alternative metal, brings a very unique reading and an original execution that deserves all your attention! well, I can say that Lives Lost is the band that can surprise and convert yet another listener.

A banda acaba de lançar o seu mais recente single intitulado ?NUMB THE PAIN ? neste dia 28 de Junho, e já se encontra disponível nas principais plataformas digitais.


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