MATHAGAL - Midnight Tales

MATHAGAL, heavy and original new project that mixes Brazilian folklore, urban legends and horror, released their debut EP called "Contos de Meia Noite" on all streaming platforms. With an aggressive and modern sound, it brings in its theme scary stories of well-known characters and urban myths, some deconstructed and others created exclusively for this release. "Midnight Tales" is only the first release of this project that has everything to become a unanimity in our country, and who knows, maybe walk side by side with classics like "Roots" (Sepultura) and "Holy Land" (Angra).

Familiar characters, such as Emilia from Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo, in a way you never imagined, the Chupa-Cabras, or even Aphastatupi, the famous 'bogeyman' that frightened children so much, only as a bloodthirsty aberration that is a reflection of human cruelty, are part of "Midnight Tales. Juvi Cristofolini comments on "Aphastatupi" that: "We created this aberration, turned it into a brutal song and now we are even afraid of it (laughs)."

About "Chupa-Cabras"Raphael Jorge says: "Writing it was something I always wanted to do, because when I was little I was quite frightened by the stories that were told. No one knew if it was real or not! When we started the project, this subject came instantly to my mind, and it was the first song we started writing. It has a lot of Brazilian music influence, mainly northeastern, with New Metal influence and even Djent. Dream come true".

To meet the project's proposal, "Midnight Tales"also features a heavy cover of "Roots Bloody Roots"paying homage to one of the great influences and references in this work, the Sepultura.

Guilherme ?Guigo? Adriano comments that: "Doing a tribute to a classic is already intimidating, but when it's a world metal anthem it was even more terrifying! Juvi hit the nail on the head on the vocals, paying the necessary respect and adding his characteristic guttural. Simply sensational.

Our lyrics are basically things we heard when we were kids that frightened us too much, everything raised to the fifth power in terms of horror?jokes Raphael Jorge.

Another important factor for the MATHAGAL is its visual identity with extremely immersive horror artwork by the Austrian design team AI Fantasy Artexploring the darker, more evil side of the characters in question.

In the words of Juvi Cristofolinihe says: The result in "Midnight Tales" was extremely brutal and you can be sure that we have a lot more coming from inside our disturbed minds? (laughs).

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