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mavis 2023 photovenerared 5172 2 3 1693560428431

MAVIS - Hollow Eyes

We're off on a road trip, through the Autobahns to Germany! We're going to talk about the band MAVIS!

Here we have simply an excellent representative of good metalcore, with all possible influences and impeccable playing! With their unparalleled execution, the band manages to deliver songs that fill listeners with energy, feeling and intensity, and I say more, the impact is extremely unique and very impressive! I strongly recommend that you listen to the band's songs and download them for offline listening - it'll be worth it!

Hollow Eyes is a song that comes into its own! Weight, aggression and speed, all brilliantly placed and very well orchestrated! Giving listeners a song that should be listened to many times to mark territory in their best playlist, check it out.


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