Nazghor - Seventh Secular Crusade

Today we will travel to the northern lands, a land known as Sweden! Home of the band we will present today, Nazghor!

Nazghor is a band that produces its sound with great influences of Melodic Black Metal while introducing some Death Metal to this combination, all this influence creates an atmosphere full of weight, riffs and excellent performances! The band that has been active since 2012, shows a musical maturity and great musical production, nothing that surprises us coming from a Swedish band, because we really appreciate the great bands that the country can export worldwide.

Seventh Secular Crusade is the band's fourth album, an album that allowed us to know the band's work, and thus, hear more deeply their musical creativity. I have to admit that it was a pleasant surprise to hear this work, full of melody and great riffs, the band's music can hold the listener's attention since the first play. Even I, who am not a big fan of black metal, was impressed with what I heard, maybe because the band doesn't stick to a label and produces something original and high quality! Curious? check it out!