NightWraith - River Of Crimson

It's with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the musical world, where we'll be heading to the United States of America to talk about the band NightWraith!!!

Well, it's important to make one thing clear: if you're looking for a Black Metal band with Death Metal influences, one that's full of excellent riffs, aggression and a lot of heaviness? Then you can't miss NightWraith! It's important to mention that lovers of bands like Deathspell Omega and Emperor can find here a band to put on their list of bands to follow!!! I just have to say, listen to NightWraith!

River Of Crimson was the song that introduced us to the band. An authentic presentation of what Faster, Harder and Louder means!!! We really have an impeccable execution, weight and aggression, combined with a vocal that destroys all structures and makes the perfect union between all the band's instruments and finally, delivers that chaotic atmosphere that is so desired in bands of this style! Highly recommended!