No Living Witness - Thrilloween: A Tribute to Horror

Straight from the United States, we have a band with a lot of identity and a very original name, let's talk about No Living Witness!

For lovers of more extreme metal, with many Death, Black and heavy influences, we have here the band that will please your musical taste! With an approach full of strength, speed, weight and a vocal handpicked, we have a band that knows how to put the weight very well done in their songs!

In the month of Halloween, we couldn't have a better song to bring Thrilloween: A Tribute to Horror! A song that was made in a magical way for a month like this, heavy, intense, deep and dark, all this united in a sound that knows how to plunge anyone in the most macabre Halloween theme. Be sure to check it out and especially press play next October 31st !!!!!!