Nuraghe - Omphalos

Let's travel to the neighboring land, the land of our Hermanos, Spain!!! Let's talk about the band Nuraghe!!!

With a proposal of a great Punk Rock, with that punk rock skater attitude and that good vibe that refers to a great sunny day, then I can say that Nuraghe is your best choice! The band can deliver a modern sound, interesting, fun and full of energy, besides being very well produced!

The song that introduced us to the band was Omphalos, a composition full of energy and good riffs. They have a very well chosen vocalist, with a very good voice and who is very well supported by his bandmates who have a great capacity for execution and creativity! The band has a great dynamic in their songs, I say that those who like this musical style will identify with the band almost instantly, so check it out !!!