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October Ends - Dark

Let's travel to the King's land, to the United Kingdom, more precisely to New Castle!!! let's talk about the band October Ends!!!

If you're a fan of a good metal band, with alternative metal, metalcore and industrial influences, that impresses with its quality and richness of detail, combined with good riffs and great melodies, speed and a lot of versatility, you'll be able to capture the listener's attention! Well, I have to say, listen to October Ends! With a very interesting proposal, the band manages to deliver a modern and very well-produced sound!

Dark, the song that introduced us to the band, is full of attitude, electronic elements and virtuosity! We have here a modern, heavy and very well produced song! After listening, we can see that the band demonstrates a great productive and creative quality, a mark that is explicit in their compositions with their versatility and ability to deliver! Recommended!


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