Polyachi - Mambo No. 666

And we're going on the road, this time to the United States of America! Let's talk about a band known as

It has to be said, get ready! This is a band that is, to say the least, extremely versatile, creative and unique! They have influences of good New/Rap Metal and Alternative Metal, Industrial and Noise rock, full of attitude, aggression and heaviness, a unique work that manages to hold the listener by the originality performed in the songs, and that I can't help but say that it is indispensable to listen to this band!!!

Mambo No. 666 is a proposal full of attitude, weight and intensity! The band manages to deliver an original and creative song! The song manages to transport the listener on a journey full of nuances, high moments, weight in the right measure and a whole atmosphere full of noise, which makes everything more intense and unique!!! Thus demonstrating a great creative quality, a mark that they make explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We really have here a band to keep on your radar and always check their musical trajectory, Recommended!