Rain In Sahara - You Think Our Future Is a Joke

On our way around the world, we ended up in Asia, more precisely in India, and we have a good band to promote, we are talking about Rain In Sahara!

If you are the type that has an open mind for the various sub-genres within rock and metal, welcome, this band is made for you! The band has managed to reach very interesting levels in my perception of good bands to listen to and good bands that can and very well create their own style. I could try to label them as a New Metal/Nu Metal but they transcend this title, they manage to aggregate several types of influences in their sound and do it in a masterly way!

In You Think Our Future Is a Joke, we can have the consecration of everything I described before, we can see elements of Hip-Hop, Indian music, Electronic, Rock, Metal and more than that, we can see the creative side that the band can develop! I recommend it without a doubt, listen to it and leave your impressions!