Ravenlight - Masque of the Red Death

Let's travel to the emerald isle, land of the guiness, the 4 leaf clover and the leprechaun, it is also called by the name of Éire Land, for those who have not yet recognized, we go to Ireland!!! Let's introduce the band Ravenlight!!!

There are bands that with a few seconds of play we already have that impression that we will have good times, and Ravenlight is one of those bands! With their sound all influenced by the incredible Power Metal and the intense Symphonic metal, the band puts all the melody and intensity that these styles can deliver! Solos, vocals, drums and bass and keyboard, all in a union that is worth every second, really a band that captivates those who listen and that deserves to be publicized !!!

Masque of the Red Death is that classic song, one of those that needs no label or presentation to know what we are listening to! Involved in the fast riffs, the well-crafted vocals and the drum and bass kitchen that manages to enchant lovers of the style. Highly recommended!