Reaper - In God We Trust

Let's go to our beloved Island, the land of the King, The UK, to talk about this band known as Reaper!

We have to talk about this band that knows well how to be a grim reaper of music!!! with a style that is based on good Thrash Metal with progressive and classic rock elements. Fast, heavy and aggressive! A band that knows well how to work very well within the style and put their vision in their songs an excellent band to add to your library.

In God We Trust, we could confirm everything that was exposed before, a lot of weight, aggressiveness united to riffs of incredible execution and complexity! We really liked what we heard in this song, and we went to get more songs from the band, and we recommend you to check and listen to the 2021 album Rebirth of Chaos, so you can have a broader vision of the band's capacity!