Renatus - Corpse Bearer

Let's talk about this American band known as Renatus!

Without a shadow of a doubt, we have here a band that knows very well how to break everything, literally! Weight, frenetic riffs, insane vocals and a lot of speed, all this can be found here.

A band for Death Metal/DeathCore lovers, a violent extreme and above all, amazing sound to listen to in the most diverse moments, either to relieve the tension of work, or to open a mosh pit and start creating good moments!

In Corpse Bearer, it is possible to confirm all the atmosphere described above, technique and weight, speed and aggressiveness, everything that this genre asks and that we fans like so much. When I heard this song I was sure that I should listen to the album, then, I heard and I can say that the homonymous album "Corpse Bearer" from 2022, deserves and a lot to be checked, I guarantee that you will not regret! Enjoy Renatus!