Resistor - Are you happy now

Here we go, come with us because today we're going to present another excellent band straight from the United States of America!!! Let's talk about the band Resistor!

I'll start by saying that Resistor is already a band that we can say has fallen in love with MJ's house, and for that very reason, good bands always end up coming back! So, let's give you a bit of context about the band:

Well it is important to make one thing clear, if what you are looking for is a metal band, with influences of Hardcore and Nu Metal/New Metal/Rap Metal, those that are full of excellent riffs, aggressiveness and a lot of weight? Then you can't miss Resistor! It is important to mention that lovers of bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne and Hell Yeah, may find here a band to put on your list of bands to follow!!! I just have to say, listen to Resistor!

Are you happy now, is a song that begins with the irreverence of its title, which may be a question or a statement but I can say that after listening to this song I am very happy with what I heard! We have here a first-rate performance, full of weight, good riffs and an aggressiveness and creativity that make this song very cool!!! So if you want to know what this song is capable of, check it out ?

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