Rie Jenni
Rie Jenni

Rie Jenni - ?????

Let's travel, this time to a more distant land, but a land that has a strong presence in the creation of global content, be it musical, technological or in the entertainment industry, let's go to Japan!!! We'll be introducing the band known as Rie Jenni!!!

Today's artist Rie Jenni is one of those artists who knows how to deliver songs that have a wide range of influences, I can say that the artist drinks from various sources and delivers unique songs which makes us who listen and analyze to be somewhat without a label, something that I find incredible! There's nothing better for a musician than to have a body of work that's wide-ranging and can please the most diverse audiences ? So, if you're looking for a good band that moves brilliantly between different strands of rock, I recommend you listen to Rie Jenni!

????? is a song that has an electrifying energy, it starts with very consistent, intense riffs that invite the listener to enter the atmosphere that the song manages to create. I can say that all the energy here takes the listener on a good journey that is very worthwhile, so listen to the song but not only, try to listen more because I know you will be surprised ?


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