Sad In Paradise - Coldness

It is with great pleasure that we go to Brazilian lands! more specifically from Natal, RN!!! Let's talk about the band Sad In Paradise!

We have here a band founded in 2022, but they already have a lot of attitude and good singles to show that they came to grow and to establish their mark in the metal world! The band has a very modern sound, with all the best that we can find in the universe of metal and Alternative Metal. Involving riffs, a good vocal, an aligned band and good songs, all this builds the scenario that the band delivers and very well in each of their singles, check it out!

Coldness was the song that introduced us to the band, a well produced song, full of weight and attitude, it has a bold construction and riffs that stay in your head, besides all the good work that the band shows in this single, we can add that the song is very well constructed and manages to stay in the listeners ear! Therefore, I strongly recommend that you listen to Coldness!!!