Scar Project - Humans

Today our musical journey will take us to the far north of the American continent, to Canada! For we will talk about the band Scar Project!!!

Well here I already warn you, if by any chance you have sensitive ears to more intense metal genres, I can say that Scar Project will be a band that can get your attention and change that posture! With a proposal of musical creation involved in a lot of weight, DeathCore, Death Metal, Black Metal, aggressiveness and a vocal that knows very well how to gather all the elements and deliver the best of themselves, the band will give you the musical chaos that you need to enjoy a good band of this genre! Scar Project is the band you need to hear, certainly will please fans of more aggressive bands and convert new fans! Recommended!

The song that introduced us to the band was Human, with a proposal full of attitude, weight and aggressiveness, the band can deliver an amazing song and very well produced! demonstrating this way, a great creative quality, a mark that they leave explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We have here a band that shows a good maturity and knows what they want to deliver, so check out Scar Project!