Shallow Side - The Worst Kind

Today we are going to talk about an American band, directly from Alabama, we are talking about the band Shallow Side.

We have here a great and promising band from the American scene, active with singles and EPs since 2010, and releasing a lot of good stuff since then. With a sound that has influences from Alternative Metal to Hard Rock, a very characteristic sound full of identity, very involving, full of weight and attitude. Bands like Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown can give you an idea of what to expect from this amazing band.

We received the single The Worst Kind, and I must say it was a pleasant surprise! Great riffs, a very well chosen vocal for all the work that the band provides in their song. The work is very well done and the production quality is very good, without a doubt a great band that will possibly grow more and more each year.

It was impossible to just listen to The Worst Kind and not search for more about the band, we also listened to the 2019 album the Saints & Sinners, and it really was the key piece to say that the band really has an excellent career ahead of them and everyone should follow and check out this trajectory !