Sin on Six - I Know

Let's talk about the American band, straight out of Englewood, Colorado, known as Sin on Six!

The band begins its career in the year 2019, and since then, has been releasing some material such as the 2022 EP of the same name " Sin on Six", besides two singles being them "Drowning" and "I know", this single, which we will give a focus on in this review.

About the sound of the band, we have here a very versatile band, which knows very well how to unite the weight, strong vocals and in line with the band's work, a sound that involves groove, Sludge and alternative Metal, the best of all worlds in a very unique signature of the band itself! we can say that fans of bands like Black Label Society, Godsmack and Hatebreed, will feel a certain very good familiarity with the band.

On Single I Know, you will be able to confirm everything that was exposed above, a sound that is very well executed, heavy in the right measure, harmonics that give that break in the very well executed riffs of the song. I highly recommend it! enjoy it and share it with your friends.